An ‘Eco-recycled’ material is one that has inorganic elements in different proportions in its composition, helping to reduce the use of plastic while maintaining technical properties.

‘BETECH’ rcollects useless waste materials that until now had an economic and environmental cost to dispose of them, and uses them to create a new 100% recyclable plastic product. This implies giving an almost infinite useful life to the products: the article created will be part recycled in a few years of the next, thus closing the ‘Circle of Sustainability’.

Inorganic waste materials used can be:

  • PET from recycled water bottles

Eco-recycled - PET from recycled water bottles

  • EVA from products such as clogs, platforms,…

Eco-recycled - EVA from products such as clogs, platforms

  • Recycled tennis or paddle tennis balls from sports clubs.
  • Plastic bags from different shops such as supermarkets.
  • Plastic products based on TPU, TR rubbers, … from other industries.
  • Coffee capsules.

ECO-recycled - Recycled coffee from coffee machines and capsules.

  • Recycling 100% of industrial plastic waste from our own production, in order to reach the concept of ‘0 waste’.

Eco-recycled - Recycling 100% of industrial plastic waste

It is very important to understand the concept of reducing the ‘Carbon Footprint’ through the use of less virgin plastic, the energy saving of eliminating all the waste used and the use of techniques that respect the environment. We have studies that certify the sustainability percentages of all our compositions by means of ‘Life Cycle Analysis’, in this way we can compare existing products on the market and those that have our technology applied.

To this type of Eco-recycled materials, we can add other types of recycled materials such as Bio-recycled and Bio-composite, bases, finally being able to choose whether or not they are a visual part of the new product made.

Materials used: 100% recyclable