We can say that a product is based on a ‘Bio-composite’ material when it includes in its formulation elements that substitute to a greater or lesser extent, others from hydrocarbons such as oil.

‘BETECH’ works with the most important plastics industries in the sector, developing and producing new increasingly sustainable compounds.

Currently we can use three ‘Bio-compound’ bases:

  • BIO-Compound TPU which is made up of up to 60% organic elements from vegetable starch from corn or potatoes.
  • BIO degradable and compostable TPU made up of plant elements that degrades under specific conditions and serves as compost for agriculture.
  • 100% BIO TR rubber to which plasticizers have been replaced by vegetable oils.
All these materials are the latest in terms of sustainability in plastics and have ‘Life Cycle Analysis’ files that certify their origin.

‘Eco-designs’ of materials can be made, adding to these base materials ‘bio-compounds’ high percentages of Eco-recycled’ and Bio-recycled, considerably lowering the ‘Carbon Footprint’ and always maintaining the characteristic 100% recyclable.