‘BETECH’ (Bio & Eco Recycled Technology) is a technology that is based on the concept of ‘Circular Economy’: All our products are 100% recyclable.

Behind all our compounds we have the premise of ‘0 waste” and the use of recycled materials in order to reduce the “Carbon Footprint” as much as possible. A very important fact is that until now all recycled materials were waste and with the idea of ‘Km.0’, using only what does not need long distances in transport.

There are two concepts in recycled compounds: Bio-Recycled (use of organic materials) and Eco-Recycled (use of inorganic materials).

Similarly, we use Bio-composite materials in the base composites. These materials are chemically engineered to minimize the use of petroleum products.

The result is products with properties similar to the standard ones, but with the minimum harmful effect on the environment. Everything is designed so that the useful life of the product behaves with optimal properties both in technical aspects and in sustainability. Therefore, we certify all our production with official bodies.

The concept of ‘sustainability’ not only affects the fact of using ‘Eco-designed’ materials, but also aspects such as that we use energy from 100% from renewable sources and the collection of recycled materials is inclusive, generating new jobs for people with social problems.

‘BETECH’ in this way is at the forefront of sustainability, offering a great diversity of plastic products: soles for footwear, gel soles, technical pieces, protectors, … working with various European institutions in R&D Projects in order to end the indiscriminate use of plastics on our planet.