Bio & Eco recycling system

Bio & Eco recycling system

BETECH technology provides sustainable and environmental solutions for the footwear industry, emphasizing product aesthetics without increasing production costs.

BETECH is 100% recyclable. It is based on the ‘circular economy’ principles.
Our range of soles is made up of 50% recovered recycled materials while the other 50% can be reused or recycled after use, thereby fulfilling the sustainability circle.

The technical properties of BETECH products are very similar to the shoe soles market which are not considered ‘non ecological’.  In order to do this, we have studies in INESCOP laboratory, certifying the mixtures of the different recycled materials together with Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) materials.

Our recycled materials are derived from many different sources:
• Recycled PET bottles from Ecoembes,
• Recycled vegetable tanned leather certified Gold by the Leather Working Group.
• Recycled coffee beans and ground coffee.
• Organic compost made of marine algae cast ashore on the beaches.

Our recovered materials are obtained from our own production which complies with the REACH regulation, all the pigments used in our products are free from dangerous toxic substances.

We are currently developing the design – label ‘Ready for ECOdesigned’ to describe the whole range of our ecological soles.

We are developing a ‘BIO compuesto’ certificate which is formed by maize plants, and will depend on the final blend ‘recovered’ materials.

BETECH provides practical solutions for social and environmental initiatives: to create an auxiliary industry for the collection of ‘eco” and “bio’ sources materials to ensure a more equitable and inclusive labour market for the young and the low-skilled.